My Leadership Style

  • I love this city. I appreciate and respect everyone who lives here. I warmly welcome and support everyone who wants to make Tauranga their new home. As Mayor of Tauranga I will champion your city. Visibly and energetically — on behalf of every part of our community.My focus will be the big strategic issues and key stakeholder relationships.
  • Tauranga’s bright future needs a positive, innovative, can-do attitude from civic leaders and Council staff.
  • I want all Councillors to be held accountable to their local community, hence my commitment to a greater number of wards.
  • I will gain a broad consensus from my fellow councillors by leading a structured process whereby your council emerges with a unified and positive approach to our city’s future.
  • I will always weigh the investment wisdom of Council spending. I am not against spending money, as long as it is wise investment that allows the city to flourish. My method is to establish a strong business case for key elements of expenditure. For example: lights for the Bay Oval has already attracted more games and more visitors who will stay more nights and spend more in our city.
  • I will forge strong collaborative relationships with other councils, government and iwi in the Bay of Plenty, the region and the nation.
  • I will push for Tauranga’s advantage from national agencies such as NZTA, MBIE, MSD and MfE.
  • I will give priority to new funding streams for city growth rather than rates increases or debt. For instance: public private partnerships, infrastructure bonds, central government grants, development contributions.