Affordable Housing in Tauranga

TaurangaAffordable housing is a hot topic at present. I was recently asked for my thoughts by Bay of Plenty Times. Here is what I said in relation to the concerns that local developers have:

I have some sympathy with developers and builders who feel unfairly burdened with developer contribution fees. There appears to be an element of monopolistic price-gouging which leads directly to higher prices for land and houses.

I would implement the following four point action plan:

1. Benchmark all consent fees, impact fees and developer contributions, against all other councils throughout NZ
2. Work with developers, not against them, to negotiate a fair regime
3. Re-examine Smart Growth restrictions and council plans in order to free up lower cost land for housing development, and allow affordable house designs – in conjunction with the local Housing Affordability Forum
4. Become a lead council in implementing upcoming central government moves to address affordable housing issues

An affordable housing boom will provide a great stimulus for the building and construction industry, and enable more workers to live in Tauranga which will be essential as Tauranga encourages new businesses to set up in Tauranga. Cheers!